A butterfly got clicked while expanding its wings,
Photo by Pırıl Osmanoğlu on Unsplash

It took my life to make me live

It caged my soul to make me still

I once had this soul,

As shaky as ocean waves

It held my intensities

And made me gelid

How unreal is that?

They call me a star,

And still not amazed,

By how I radiate

I am a little caterpillar

Who needs wings to fly

To be free of those Gods

Who avow to reign ones over me

Yet deny my liberty

I survive a little bit every day, this way

But how sad is this that they,

Cut most of them every day.

Tired of those filtered snaps? Want to own a vibe that throws an “it’s natural” statement? Yes, you get it right, I am pointing towards the impact of different volumes of lip fillers before and after, naturally sustaining your never-ending attempts to create a picture-perfect pout!

So, have you finally…

Welcome readers! Near is the time to hold a mug of coffee and sit back on the couch to dive down into the magical ocean of words. Because I am going to reveal here my ultimate choice of the list of books to read before you die if you are…

Rabail Bashir

A pharmacist by education, a writer by passion.

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